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Frequently asked questions

Browse some of our frequently asked questions below.

What size is The Mission Ball?

All Mission Balls are a size 5 ball. We do not currently have any plans to make The Mission Ball available in a size 4 in the near future.

What is the quality of The Mission Ball / How long does The Mission Ball last?

The question is impossible to answer because Mission Balls are used on a wide variety of surfaces in many different countries. Obviously the ball life will change if used by children on nice grass or adults on tough gravel. We are very purposeful about each aspect of the construction of The Mission Ball. From the bladder, to the stitching, cotton blend for strength, and PVC leather for durability. The Mission Ball is NOT a cheap throw away product. Each ball has been inflated and tested for air retention before we ever receive it. We can confidently say The Mission Ball will hold up as good, if not better than most other soccer balls out there. Of course there are certain times / areas / situations where no ball could withstand the abuse and environment. We use a butyl bladder for longer air retention, cotton underlay for strength, and PVC leather for toughness.

How long will the writing stay on The Mission Ball?

That is not an easy question to answer… it really depends on the situation. However, here are a couple things that help to understand the answer:

  • the balls ARE designed to be used on asphalt, concrete, sand, & gravel
  • the outer covering is a PVC leather which is tougher and more wear resistant to scuffs, tears, and cuts
  • there is an additive in the ink which makes it “stick” to the ball better and makes it more scuff resistant

With all those things considered, so far nothing is impenetrable to the extreme conditions on most 3rd world country soccer fields. We can confidently say the The Mission Ball will hold up just as good, if not better than most soccer balls that are brought to the mission field, or used in other countries.

Another thing to consider is that I would guess (not a scientific study) that most mission balls never get kicked or played with. So often The Mission Ball is the first new gift someone has ever received and they take very good care of it. Often there will be a few balls in a community that get used and abused and scuffed up, while most balls are kept as their prized possession.

ALSO… please see answer to question above.

Are you able to donate Mission Balls to my organization?

Unfortunately our ministry is not able to offer donations of Mission Balls. We price The Mission Ball as inexpensively as possible in order to give people the best opportunity to purchase multiple Mission Balls. The downside to our pricing structure is that it does not provide us the ability to give away Mission Balls. We do, from time to time, have groups that will donate money specifically for Mission Balls to be given away in different countries, and we make every effort to satisfy their request.

Can I get a discount because we are a non-profit organization?

We offer the same price discount to any individual, group, or organization wanting to purchase Mission Balls in bulk. All prices and options are posted on our online shopping cart here.

Can I split my order into different languages?

Absolutely! You can mix and match as many different languages as you want to get the best prices. After you choose your desired quantity of each language, our online shopping cart will automatically apply the best price based on the total number of Mission Balls you are ordering.

Can we have Mission Balls shipped directly to (country)?

In general, we are only able to ship to United States and Canada. Not only do international rates get very expensive, but some countries require different taxes and import duties. If we ship directly to a country, we are shipping the product as a commercial transaction and the order may be suspect to taxes and duties. However, if we ship the product to a customer in the United States, and they then ship it overseas, it will be considered a gift and may not be taxed. Each country has it’s own tax/duty requirements. For specific request, or unique situations, please contact us directly.

What language should I get if I’m going to (country)?

You can google your destination to find out the language spoken, or contact the organization you are serving with or traveling to for more information. Just because a certain language is spoken does not necessarily mean it is the best option. For instance, even though we make The Mission Ball in Chinese, some people have preferred to use English Mission Balls in China. Even though we make Luganda, some still prefer to take English to Uganda. Check with the local Pastor/ Missionary on the ground to verify what would work best. Remember, you are able to split orders so you can bring different languages with you.

Who does the translations for the different languages on The Mission Ball?

All of our translations are done by people, none are done by computers or software. While we have worked with for a few translations, most of the translations are done by local pastors or missionaries working on the field in the country. We prefer this method as there is an automatic vested interest for the translator since The Mission Balls will be coming back to their area. We ask that after a person translates, they have at least 2 others check the translations for content, spelling, punctuation, etc. before sending it back to us for production.

What exactly is written on The Mission Ball?

There are over 1,400 words on The Mission Ball, over 700 of them are from specific scripture verses, while the others are transitional phrases. To see, or download, the full text, click here.

Can I get a sample Mission Ball to see the quality?

We are more than happy to send you a sample ball to inspect if you are willing to pay the shipping. Also, the sample ball will be a random language so please don’t request a specific language. If you want to know more about the text on The Mission Ball, you can access the full text here. If you want to order a sample ball you can order one here.

What is the price of The Mission Ball, do you have discount prices if we buy them in bulk?

All prices are listed in our online shopping cart.

How much space / weight are the Mission Balls?

Each deflated Mission Ball is just under 1 pound. A box of 50 deflated Mission Balls would be 28x18x18 inches and would weigh right around 48 pounds.

Are the Mission Balls sent inflated or deflated?

All Mission Balls are shipped deflated to save cost for the customer. We can ship inflated which will increase shipping cost. For inflated Mission Balls, please contact us.

Please watch this instructional video when inflating the Mission Ball for the first time.

Do you have any training and/or resources to better help equip us to spread the gospel with The Mission Ball?

We have an ebook on Sports Evangelism as well as a training video that you can view here.

How much is shipping?

You can get an estimate for shipping with our online shopping cart. Select your desired order, then enter in the zip code, and select the button to estimate shipping.

How long does it take to get Mission Balls?

Generally, once we receive an order we will ship it out within 2 business days. We ship out of Sioux Falls, SD via UPS ground. Usually this will get your Mission Balls to anywhere in the continental US within 3-5 days. UPS does offer express shipping options, however, because of the weight of the boxes it is very expensive. If you are in a hurry, or need an order within an exact time frame, please call us directly at 605-582-8880

Do you have Mission Balls in (different languages)?

Our current language list of Mission Balls can be found here. If you do not see the language you are needing you may also email us to check on a specific language. We try to keep our list updated, but sometimes even though we have a language made, we have not made it available through our website.

Can you make Mission Balls in (different languages)?

We are always expanding our line of Mission Balls into different languages. If you are interested in a new language – we are interested in making them. In order for us to make a new language we will need a customer who is willing to order, pre- pay for at least 50 Mission Balls of that language, and we need at least 3 months advance notice for design, production, and shipping. We need to get the text translated from English to your desired language. If you have a contact who can translate the message, we can email you a Word Document containing the English text, and instructions, for you to pass along to your contact. Once we have the translation back we can format and continue with production. If you do not have a contact who can translate, but still are interested in a new language, we can try to find a contact to translate the message. Contact us directly to begin the process of getting a new language.

Do you have basketballs (or other sports)?

Currently we only make Mission Balls in soccer. While we do have interest and goals for expanding into basketballs, volleyballs, & footballs, we do not currently have a timeline for this. Our biggest obstacle is the finances necessary for starting a new sport.

The Mission Ball

GOMADIS International Ministries, and The Mission Ball, exists to encourage and equip Christians to simply and effectively share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Soccer is the one language spoken on almost every mission field, and wIth The Mission Ball, we believe the gospel can be shared virtually anywhere, with anyone, anytime.

Purchase Mission Ball - Soccer $20.00

  • 1 to 11 Mission Balls $20.00 each
  • 12 to 24 Mission Balls $16 each
  • 25 to 49 Mission Balls $14 each
  • 50 to 99 Mission Balls $12 each
  • 100 + Mission Balls $10 each

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