The ball that helps you share the Gospel

The Mission Ball helps draw a crowd & connect with people, invites curiosity, and creates opportunities for you to proclaim Christ since it is covered with Scripture!

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“The Mission Ball could be used to open up a door for the Gospel in neighborhoods, schools, orphanages, or in the life of one small boy or girl.
It is not a gimmick.

Paul Washer photo Paul Washer

What is It?

Ideal for...

  • Missions & Outreach
  • Shoebox / Christmas
  • VBS
  • Gifts

The Mission Ball is simply a soccer ball covered with Biblical text. It is an effective tool for drawing a crowd, making a connection with people, inviting curiousity, and ultimately creating opportunities to proclaim Christ.

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How to Use It

“The Mission Ball is a wonderfully innovative way to reach millions...”

Paul Washer photo Ray Comfort